Safety PPE Bundle

Safety PPE Bundle


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KUPA Safety PPE Bundle - Amazing savings all in one bundle! When you purchase each item individually this values $156.35, savings of $56.40! Valid on current promotions and discounts.


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    Basic Cleanse Hand Soap x 1

    Ultra Sonic Disinfection Machine + 4oz Lucaside x 1

    Arid Blue Automatic Hand Dispenser x 1 

    32oz Arid Blue Hand Sanitizer x 1 

    Face Shields x 5




    Keep up to date with salon-disinfection standards and provide your clients with an eased mind. 
At 8” x 6” x 5”, KUPA's Ultrasonic Cleaner Disinfector is small enough to fit on your manicuring table yet large enough to hold all your implements, electric file bits, metal files, and more for the touch-of-a-button ultrasonic vibrations. The machine works with all EPA-registered disinfection systems. Simply fill with your favorite disinfection solution insert your implements and set the timer. Ultra sonic waves will loosen trapped particles while the disinfectant sanitizes your implements. Degas feature to intensify your cleaning process. Features pre-set digital timers with a touch button keypad for ease of use and clean up. The disinfector comes with a a standard 110V plug. 

    LUCAS-CIDE 4 oz. sanitizer & disinfectant concentrate (makes 8 gallons).  1 pint = 16 fl. ounces per fill of machine.



    This dispenser makes it easier than ever to maintain high standard of hygiene when washing your hands. Touch-Free technology includes an electronic sensor that ensures the ARID BLUE sanitizer is automatically pumped out without having to touch the dispenser. Can hold up to 13.5oz of sanitizer. (4 AAA batteries NOT included). *Made for Hand Sanitizer only, not for use with liquid hand soap.

    HAND SANITIZER ARID BLUE 32oz. + Refill Yorker Cap

    Arid Blue hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs while moisturizing skin. It contains 70% Ethyl alcohol. Available in 2oz and 8oz sizes.  


    ULTRA CLEANSE (Foaming hand soap)

    The ultimate cleanser for your clients!  Cost effective foaming KUPA Basic Ultra Cleanse Hand Soap is the perfect match to remove Final Faze E-file manicure oil from the surface of the nail before finishing a service.  8oz bottle.