Repair Center Mat

Repair Center Mat


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While KUPA products are near-perfect, our Handpieces and Control Boxes may occasionally need maintenance. When this happens, our repair team loves to use this anti-slip KUPA Repair Center Mat. Easily disassemble and arrange your Handpiece or Control Box on this functional mat. At 23x18 inches and 3mm thick, our high quality mat is the perfect size for all your repair needs. 


If you are a distributor looking to become a repair center, please visit us at or call us at 1 (800) 994-5872. Customers will be able to bring their KUPA Electric Nail Files directly to your store for repair, service, and maintenance. A typical service is often less than 30 minutes, allowing customers to save time and shop while they wait. Take your service up a notch with this Kupa Repair Center Mat, showing your customers professionalism and KUPA loyalty.


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