Workbook For Beginners

Workbook For Beginners


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Kupa Workbook Technical Guide For Beginners

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1. Understanding the Nail

2. Professional Tools and Equipment

3. Basic Services & Extended Services

4. Nail Art Basics

5. Product Knowledge

6. Succeeding as a Nail Professional / Nail Technician 




You’ve chosen to become a nail technician. You’ve signed up for a flexible career, the

chance to be your own boss, express yourself artistically, and help people look and

feel their best. Your profession balances business acumen with customer service

capability, and requires you to stay up-to-date on the latest technology.


This workbook ensures that you’re on the road to success. As a beginner, it’s all about

technique. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of nail care and technology, you

can begin to grow your business and skillset in unlimited ways. Even for those who

have experience doing nails, brushing up on the basics is never a bad option. Your

career will only be enhanced with a deeper understanding of the essentials of nail

care. After all, this is the foundation on which everything else in your career will be



Advancing in the nail industry means continuously refining your craft. Whether you’re

just starting out, or are starting to pick up momentum, it’s your responsibility to stay

educated and in turn, educate your clients. Creating beautiful nails is hard work, but

KUPA makes it easier with the tools and information referenced here.

Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place — one nail at a time.


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