MANIPro KP-5000 Bundle
MANIPro KP-5000 Bundle
MANIPro KP-5000 Bundle
MANIPro KP-5000 Bundle
MANIPro KP-5000 Bundle
MANIPro KP-5000 Bundle

MANIPro KP-5000 Bundle


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The MANI-PRO® KP-5000 is a Premium Quality Professional Electric Nail Filing System brought to you from Kupa Incorporated. The KP-5000 comes fully equipped with features that include: Your choice of either KP-55, KP-60 or KP-65 Handpiece with a high torque motor that ranges from 0-30,000 RPM's, the latest Acetone Resistant Control Box, a precision sliding speed control, forward/ reverse button and the option to add a MANIPro KP-5000 foot operated speed control. The KP-5000 easily coverts from 110V to 220 Volt with the flip of a switch. Full 1 Year parts and labor warranty with your Electric File purchase!


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* KP-55, KP-60 or KP-65 Handpiece (Select before checkout!)
* KP-5000 Control Box
* Handpiece Cradle
* Instruction Manual

The MANIPro Carbide & Diamond Bit Kit contains 1 each:

1. DI-32-034 Diamond 3/32 Manicure 2-in-1 Bit (Fine)
2. DI-32-035 Diamond 3/32 Enhancement 2-in-1 Bit (Medium) 
3. DI-32-104 Diamond 3/32 Small Barrel (Medium)
4. CSBX-32-024-S Carbide 3/32 VP Safety Bit (Medium) 
5. CSBX-32-010-S Carbide 3/32 Cone (Medium)
6. CSBX-32-015-S Carbide 3/32 Under Nail Cleaner (Medium)
7. CSBX-32-018-S Carbide 3/32 Tapered (Medium)
8. CSBX-32-104-S Carbide 3/32 Small Barrel (Medium)
9. CSBX-32-204-S Carbide 3/32 Large Barrel (Medium)
10. SB-EZ-OFF-092 Easy-Off 3/32 Sanding Band mandrel with 10 Medium grit Sanding Bands 


SB-MED-100-U: Manufactured in the U.S.A. to Japanese standards. MANIPro® bands come in a handy 100 pc. dispenser pack and are barrel shaped with cloth inner sleeves that allow them to be used in wet environments. When used in combination with our New EASY-OFF Mandrel the bands hold


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