LED/UV Adhesive #3

LED/UV Adhesive #3


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DipFinity LED/UV Adhesive Step #3

DipFinity LED/UV Adhesive Step #3 -  Apply a thin even coat of adhesive to the nail, dip in the TripTych colored powder of your choice.  Apply another thin layer of adhesive, dip in the TripTych colored powder for a second coat.  Cure for 1 minute in LED lamp or 2 minutes in UV lamp.  Finish with DipFinity TopGloss Step # 4. KUPA's DipFinity LED/UV Adhesive Step # 3 provides superior adhesion to the nail plate while providing complete color coverage to the nail once dipped in your choice of TripTych colored powders.  Out with the old way of dipping with cyanoacrylate and In with the new LED/UV Adhesive from KUPA!  A nail dip system you and your clients are sure to love!

For use after Step #1 DipFinity Dehydrator & Step # 2 DipFinity Primer

Use DipFinity LED/UV Adhesive Step # 3 with any TripTych Colored Powders: https://kupainc.com/collections/colored-powders



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