Soft Gel Tips - Round Medium 50 Pack Refills

Soft Gel Tips - Round Medium 50 Pack Refills


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KUPA ENRICHRx™ Soft Gel Tips - Pre-Roughened - Ultra Clear - Round Medium 50 Count Refill Pack 

*Select SIZE of the Round Medium Soft Gel Tip before placing in your cart! Sizes 0-11

Apply tips in no time with KUPA ENRICHRx™ Soft Gel Tips. Created with KUPA’s ENRICHRx™ Soft Gel Tip Adhesive, these tips are easy to apply, wear, and remove. With 12 sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find the right fit for your client. Our patented pre-roughed design will save you valuable time in the salon. Simply apply tips using ENRICHRx™ Soft Gel Tip Adhesive and cure. Create lasting, on-trend nails in minutes with the latest gel technology.


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* Coffin Long or Medium
Round Medium
* Square Long or Medium
* Almondletto Long or Medium