Comprehensive E-file Bit Kit
Comprehensive E-file Bit Kit

Comprehensive E-file Bit Kit


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At this time no future class date is listed. Stay tuned for announcement later in 2023!

Taking the Comprehensive E-file Class? This is the bit kit you need to succeed! Perfect your skills with the Kupa Educator Team during this intense training and demonstration. Upgrade your skills, offer more electric file services and leave with confidence. KUPA MANIPro bits combining the best bits of both Diamond and Carbide designs.


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1. DI-32-030 - Diamond 3/32" Manicure Bit (Fine)

2. DI-32-031 - Diamond 3/32" Enhancement Prep Bit (Medium)

3. CSBX-32-506-S - Silver 3/32" MANIPro Carbide Coarse Typhoon 

4. CSBX-32-300-S - Silver 3/32" MANIPro Carbide Medium 3-in-1 

5. CSBX-32-400-S - Silver 3/32" MANIPro Carbide Medium 5-in-1

6. CSBX-32-301-S - Silver 3/32" MANIPro Carbide Fine 3-in-1 

7. CSBX-32-204-S - Silver 3/32" MANIPro Carbide Large Barrel Medium

8. CSBX-32-015-S - Silver 3/32" MANIPro Carbide Under Nail Cleaner - Medium

9. CSBX-32-024-S - Silver 3/32" MANIPro Carbide Safety Bit - Medium

10. SB-EZ-OFF-092 - Easy-Off Mandrel 3/32" + 5 Medium Sanding Bands + 5 Fine Sanding Bands

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