The NEW Limited Edition MANIPro Passport TEAL - Preorder Now!

Have you seen the latest MANIPro Passport Limited Edition Teal?!  It is already looking to be a customer favorite!  Hurry, don't miss out on your chance to own this Limited Edition Teal portable MANIPro Passport Electric Nail File!  Preorder now at or  



Beauty comes with confidence, the New Limited Edition MANIPro Passport from Kupa Incorporated.  This hot new contemporary color is available for a limited time only.  Light weight, comfortable, acetone resistant control box finish, and powerful.  The handpiece is less than an inch in diameter but produced up to 30,000 RPM of vibration free power.  The Passport makes a great traveling companion.  For more information or to find a distributor in your area contact a customer service representative at #800-994-5872 or  

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