Pink Valentine's Day Nails with a Lipstick Edge

For our first MANIPro Monday episode of 2020, we welcomed nail tech and Demo Day regular Lucy Perez (! She is a very talented nail tech who demoed gorgeous nails using Edie and Lulu Belle Triptych powders. 

Lucy was an excellent guest artist, and she will likely be returning on a more frequent basis to Kupa Headquarters! 

This design is perfect for anytime of the year, but especially Valentine's Day. The lipstick edge is an increasingly popular trend, and when paired with clear acrylic, it's fashionable and functional! 

Watch the full demo below: 




  • jayden vilches

    truly amazing nail job👍👏

  • madison vilches

    amazing and beautiful idea grat job ❤️

  • Daniela Clemente

    Love the glitter super cute💖

  • Eliana Vilches

    Yaaaasssss! Talk about on point 🔥🔥🔥

  • Chris Morales

    Wow me gusta su trabajo 😍 🔥💅🏻

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