NTNA Week 5: Once Upon A Time

This week, Elaine Watson, Beth Livesay, and Ugly Duckling Guest Judges reviewed entries for this week's challenge, "Once Upon a Time."

They also discuss last week's "Vegas Vacation" top and bottom three, and the CND Last Chance Lab. 

Here was their challenge: "Nursery rhymes have been entertaining children for hundreds of years. The Ugly Duckling is a popular example of a children’s story that still has an effect on those who hear it. For this week’s challenge, Ugly Duckling is asking the Top 8 to bring their favorite nursery rhyme to life on five nails. Nails can be done on tips or on an actual hand, but the final look has to be photographed on an actual hand. Embellishments are allowed."

Watch the full episode below! 

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