NTNA Recap Season 2 Episode 17: Meet Carly

The NTNA recap show, Sponsered by Kupa Incorporated is a way to keep viewers in the know for the entirety of the competition. Hosted by Elaine Watson, Executive Vice President of Kupa Inc., and Beth Livesay, Executive Editor of Nails Magazine. Each week they go through and explain the challenge to the viewers, announce who won the challenge the week before and who is in the CND Last Chance Design Lab battling it out to stay in the competition. 

As we know, the top 3 have already been chosen and are working hard on their final set before the NTNA award show! But until then, we thought it would be fun to really get to know each finalist by having an episode dedicated to each of them.

In this episode, Carly Snyr is queen! But bonus, you also get to meet her cute little kitty, Jacob! #animalsofNTNA. As we dove deep into Carly's life we learned all about her adorable grandparents, mentors and some of the tragedies she has faced. This strong woman has had to deal with so many curve balls being thrown her way. Some of which including a near-fatal car accident and an allergy that makes it very difficult for her to continue her passion for nails. To find out more about Carly, watch the episode below! 
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