Nail Trends For 2019

The nail industry has really grown into itself as far as creativity is concerned over the past few years.

There are so many options available for nail techs to create with. The tough part now is not lack of creation, but rather clients deciding what they want for their next set! There is inspiration everywhere. On social media platforms of all kinds, objects, wallpaper, nature...the possibilities are endless. So let's talk about the favorites we have been seeing the most of!

One trend no one thought would stick, but it seems as though it is here to nails. Chome can be layered over virtually any color polish/gel/acrylic to create the look your client is going for. It can be holographic, shiny or reflective. However, to keep it lasting through your next visit without chipping it is important to seal it off with an outlasting top coat. A top coat such as the GelFinity Gel TopCoat Gloss. This product will ensure long-lasting shine that will make it through any activity your client may be privy to. To cure the top coat to lock in your creation we suggest our UV/LED Hybrid Lamp. The built-in timer allows you to conveniently select 10, 30, 60 or 90 seconds to adjust your drying times to other polish or gel products. The lamp comes complete with auto switching transformer that is compatible with both 110 or 220-volt power sources. (110 Volt is standard for use in the USA, 220 Volt is common in UK & the EU)

Next trend on the list has a timeless and clean look. This trend is, of course, Marble Nails. We have watched this trend gain massive popularity over the past year. We don’t just mean white marble, but purple, pink, black...the whatever your client wants is achievable with the proper tools. To hand draw your marble design for clients, we suggest using our DipFinity System. This is an easy way to draw on designs and layer colors for a well rounded natural looking stone. To draw on your design with precision we suggest ArtFinity Nail Art Brush #1. Its delicate bristles allow you to create virtually any design you wish to achieve. But of course, once you have dedicated time to this beautiful artwork, you must seal it off! To seal the deal use the DipFinity Step #4 LED/UV TopGloss. If using gel polish / acrylic nails they may use the GelFinity Gel TopCoat Gloss or Matte. Of course, cured with our UV/LED Hybrid Lamp.




                                                                                                                            Mattey Matte don’t talk back! Yes, matte nails are hot and can be used as an accent nail or as the full set. Matte looks great with mostly all solid colors, embellishments, and designs. Feel free to experiment with all the colors. Here at Kupa Incorporated matte is definitely a fan fav. The hard part is deciding what to do with it. You can even try it with marble, as mentioned above. Clients often want to have a set with mix-matched designs and textures. Using our GelFinity Gel TopCoat Matte is a simple and easy way to get that look they are going for without bringing out a bunch of different colors and embellishments. It keeps your life as a nail tech simple and keeps your client happy. To cure the GelFinity Gel TopCoat Matte, use the same method as the GelFinity Gel TopCoat Gloss. Cure it with our UV/LED Hybrid Lamp, to ensure your creation stays put until the next visit.

Last but certainly not least, our last trend….3D nail designs. They are on the prowl and the final trend on our watch list. As the possibilities grow so can your imagination. 3D nails open a whole new realm of opportunity. From florals to animals to just flat out crazy linework, your client will leave a happy camper. Let the nail come alive. It can be a great conversation starter if your client has an important event coming up. Team Kupa has your back when it comes to these 3D ideas you have brewing. Start off with our GelFinity Gel BaseCoat. Then use our ArtFinity Dimension 3D Nail Art Monomer. It can be used along with the ArtFinity TripTych colored powders (which are for both DipFinity and ArtFinity acrylic nail systems). Just mix the powder with the monomer. This mixture allows for slower drying time before curing and gives it a tacky consistency, perfect for building your shapes. Once again, locking in that design for the long haul with our GelFinity Gel TopCoat Matte or GelFinity Gel TopCoat Gloss. Lastly cured with our UV/LED Hybrid Lamp.

Do you agree with this watch list? Let us know what you think! Drop a comment below, we would love to hear your opinion!

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