Kupa Thumbnails Chapter 6: How to Care for Nail Brushes

Wondering which Nail Art Brush to choose or How-to care for them? 
Chapter 6: How to Care for Nail Brushes:  Don't underestimate the power of nail brushes.  They might sometimes be considered an afterthought, but these tools play a big role in a nail tech’s job.  Whether you're applying acrylics, hard gel, or nail art, you need to know the appropriate brushes to use and how to care for them correctly. 


How to Care for Nail Brushes

Don’t underestimate the power of nail brushes. They might sometimes be considered an afterthought, but these tools play a big role in a nail tech’s job. Whether you’re applying acrylics, hard gel, or nail art, you need to know the appropriate brushes to use and how to care for them correctly. 


When nail art brushes are manufactured, the bristles are dipped in starch to bring them to a point before packaging. To prepare a new brush for use, remove the brush from the container and remove the plastic covering that’s placed over the hair to protect it in shipment (don’t ever try to insert the bristle end back into the plastic covering; it will not fit correctly and you’ll ruin the bristles). Place the head of the brush between your fingers and break the starch loose from the hair and the brush head out by gently rolling it between your fingers. Pour a small amount of Divinity Traditional Liquid monomer or 90 percent alcohol into a glass dappen dish, and place the brush into the liquid, allowing the hair to absorb as much as possible. Wipe the head of the brush on a clean, lint-free towel, and repeat several times to remove all of the starch. Finally, wipe the bristles down on the towel in a circular motion, rotating clockwise to bring the brush back to a fine point. Do this for each one of the brushes. Your brushes are now seasoned properly and ready to use.

TIP: Avoid skin contact with the bristles whenever possible. Oils from the body can deteriorate the bristles over time.


The most important thing you can do for your brushes is to keep them clean and remove any remaining product. If product is not removed the bristles will begin to flair, rendering the brush virtually useless. Clean your brushes with monomer, brush cleanser, or gel-cleanser after each use, then store them flat, covered, and away from direct sunlight and UV light so any gel on the bristles will not harden. Be sure also to keep your brushes stored away from dust and other contaminants. Try storing them on a table towel in a closed drawer. 


When do you need to replace a brush? When you start noticing the bristles beginning to flair out, then it’s time to invest in a new brush. Stray hairs leave grooves in the acrylic when you are sculpting, and you will have to do more filing to remove them. You’ll want to replace brushes when they start getting too soft or flexible. Times vary according to quality and usage, but brushes will usually last between six months and a year.

TIP: To ready your brushes for travel, you can top coat the bristles with regular clear polish and allow them to harden again. This will keep the bristles in place. When you are ready to use the brushes, dip the bristles first in acetone, then alcohol, and wipe a few times on your table towel.


The Artfinity Nail Art Brush Kit contains eight pieces. There are six brushes — two slanted brushes (size 1 and 6); two straight, flat brushes (size 1 and 6); and two different sized stripers — and two dotting tools. They come packaged in a protective cylindrical case for storage and transport. You can sanitize your brushes then store them in the case to keep them sealed and clean. 

The ArtFinity 3D Brush, sold separately, has a built-in dotting tool and a pointy tip for easier detail work. As an example, you can create a very precise petal shape with this tool. Place a small bead and then clean the brush, shaping the bristles into a point. It’s now very easy to press the petal down, clean, and sculpt tiny details. With the dotting tool on the other end, you can place a small rhinestone in the middle without having to reach for another tool.


The Divinity Acrylic Sculpting Nail brushes come in a variety of sizes including Divinity Pro Sculpting Brushes in sizes #8 and #10, and Divinity Elite Sculpting brushes in sizes #16 and #18. The brushes are handcrafted with fine Kolinsky hair. They are ideal for French pink and whites with acrylic, gel or polish. The Divinity French Sculpting brush with dual head is the perfect brush for cleaning up the smile line. When the technician wants a little more bling to their collection the Divinity Sculptor Diamond #8 and #10 are the go-to brushes. 


Manufactured with a light-weight aluminum body, Kupa’s GelFinity Gel Brush is designed to help you sculpt the perfect extensions and offer full coverage overlays. The gel brush features a stainless steel ferrule and an ultra-fine sable-hair tip that allows for precise gel handling. It includes a protective cap to keep the gel brush in good shape for smooth and even gel application. Additionally, the gel brush has a retractable dotting tool for detail work like adding gemstones or pops of color. 

6: How to Care for Nail Brushes  

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