Kupa Thumbnails Chapter 3: Proper Prep and Application of Gel Polish

Chapter 3 KUPA Thumbnails: Proper Prep and Application of Gel Polish


 Topic: For a perfect gel-polish manicure, here's how to prepare the nail bed correctly and apply products for a beautiful finish.  

Introducing Chapter 3 of KUPA Thumbnails

KUPA Thumbnails covers those tricky techniques and topics that every nail technician needs to know. Each chapter of this series will walk you through best practices and test your knowledge at the conclusion of the chapter.




Proper Prep and Application of Gel-Polish

For a perfect gel-polish manicure, here’s how to prepare the nail bed correctly and apply products for a beautiful finish.

If you want to perform successful gel-polish manicures that will keep clients coming back for more, you need to know how to perfect proper prep and application techniques for a beautiful and long-lasting result. Here’s how to proceed using your favorite Kupa gel products.

Prior to gel-polish application, you must properly prep the nail bed to ensure adhesion of the product and to prevent premature chipping or peeling of the gel-polish. First, file the nails into the desired shape and perform cuticle care with your MANIPro pusher. It’s preferable to perform a dry manicure if possible, as gel-polish adheres best to a dehydrated nail bed. (No worries – you will re-hydrate after the gel-polish application.)

TIP: Make sure cuticles are adequately pushed back from the nail. If polish is applied over cuticles, it can cause lifting around the edges of the nail. 

Next, remove shine from the entirety of each nail plate with a fine-grit buffer. Be sure to buff from edge to edge and from the base to the tip, using light pressure. Remove the debris from the nails using a lint-free wipe and an alcohol-based cleanser to remove any remaining oils and dehydrate the nail plate so the gel-polish will adhere. 

Apply one coat of GelFinity Gel Base Coat for a superior adhesive bond between the nail plate and the gel-polish that won’t damage the natural nail. Cure for 30 seconds in a GelFinity UV/LED Hybrid Light or one minute in a standard UV light.

Next, apply two coats of your favorite gel-polish, curing between each coat. Be sure to cap the free edge to further prevent premature chipping.


TIP: Apply thin coats of gel-polish; the thicker the application, the more time it will take to soak off when it comes time for removal. 

Finish with a coat of GelFinity Gel Top Coat, and cure for 90 seconds in a GelFinity UV/LED Hybrid Light or two minutes in a standard UV Light. This will seal your gel-polish to a high-gloss shine that will not fade, chip, or peel, plus it cures to a no-wipe finish. Apply cuticle oil to rehydrate the skin around the nail bed. 



The KUPA name is now synonymous with high-quality electric nail filing equipment. Many technicians refer to their machines simply as "The KUPA". 

KUPA is devoted to educating nail technicians through guides and videos to help nail technicians improve their business as well as their nail-filing skills.

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    I have the newest Kupa gel lamp. Purchased in May 2020. I’m having trouble with the gel not sticking when cured. HELP

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