Kupa Thumbnails Chapter 2: The Essentials in every Nail Tech's Toolkit

Chapter 2 KUPA Thumbnails:  The Essentials in every Nail Tech's Toolkit:  When you invest in a basic tool kit, its essential to know how to properly use each implement to provide an optimum manicure or pedicure and to extend the life of your investment.  

Introducing Chapter 2 of KUPA Thumbnails

KUPA Thumbnails covers those tricky techniques and topics that every nail technician needs to know. Each chapter of this series will walk you through best practices and test your knowledge at the conclusion of the chapter.






When you invest in a basic tool kit, it’s essential to know how to properly use each implement to provide an optimum manicure or pedicure and to extend the life of your investment.

For a basic manicure or pedicure, you will need a cutter, pusher, nippers, tweezers, and scissors. The Kupa MANIPro 10 Piece TechTool Kit contains these five essential tools in a compact vegan leather travel case. Everything you need for nail basics is contained in one handy small package. Here are instructions from Kupa on how to use each tool.

The Acrylic Nail Tip Cutter is designed to easily and precisely cut artificial nail tips to ensure your client gets the exact nail length they prefer. To use, simply slide the cutter onto the nail tip. Tip the cutter down and toward you as you squeeze to remove the end of the nail tip. The cut nail tip won’t flick away, ensuring your safety. The comfortable handle also helps provide utmost control to prevent any damages. 

To clean up your client’s cuticle area and to remove any last bits of gel-polish from the nail bed, you’ll need a good cuticle pusher. First, soak the fingertips in warm water to render cuticles soft. Then push the cuticle back into a square shape with your pusher. The MANIPro Deluxe Cuticle Pusher has double-ended tips so you can push back the cuticles without scratching the nail or injuring the delicate cuticle area. It’s ideal for both manicures and pedicures, and you can sterilize it repeatedly without rusting because it’s made from stainless steel. 

TIP: Use the straight, blunt side on clients with dry, hard cuticles. Use the thinner more rounded end to get closer and more tightly in to the cuticle area and on clients with more sensitive cuticles.

After you’ve pushed back the client’s cuticle, remove the dead cuticles and ingrown skin around the nail bed if necessary, but cut as little as possible. You should only nip dead skin, never living cuticle. The MANIPro Cobalt Cuticle Nipper has surgical steel, sharp-edge blades that allow you to go deeper around and underneath the nail to cut the ingrown skin. Nippers tend to dull, but the cobalt blades will stay sharper longer. 

A good pair of precision tweezers is versatile and will be your go-to tool for many purposes. The Pointed Artist Tweezer has a slanted, extra fine stainless steel point, making it easier to pick up small rhinestones, flat studs, and other tiny embellishments. The pointed tip also makes it ideal for placing tape on the edge of the nail. This is especially useful when a client has small hands and you need the precision of a pointed edge to know where you can place the tape. The tips are perfectly aligned for extracting ingrown hairs, too. 

TIP: The Pointed Artist Tweezer is also helpful for brow shaping and lash application. 

Another versatile tool in your kit is a good pair of scissors. The MANIPro Nail Cuticle Scissors are curved, with long-lasting and extra sharp blades for more precision cutting. The scissors can be used to trim cuticles, and because the blades are curved and pointed, they are perfect for a variety of nail art projects. The pointed curve allows you to cut forms to fit to a client more easily and shape them perfectly to their nail. It’s also perfect for design work like taping because the blade is small and allows you to go in tight to do close work and cut the tape as close to the edge of the nail bed as possible. The sturdy blades allow you to cut plastic nail tips into shapes like ballerina, stiletto, and almond. The extra comfort handle is designed for easy grip and utmost control. 



The KUPA name is now synonymous with high-quality electric nail filing equipment. Many technicians refer to their machines simply as "The KUPA". 

KUPA is devoted to educating nail technicians through guides and videos to help nail technicians improve their business as well as their nail-filing skills. 



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