Important Salon Sanitation Practices for Nail Techs

In the midst of a global pandemic, sanitation is at the forefront of everyone's minds. In the beauty industry, and nails especially, we are not only face-to-face with clients every day, but also holding their hands in very close proximity.

Here are Head Educator Mie Kitabayashi's Top 3 Tips for Salon Sanitation: 

1. Wash Your Hands and Tell Your Clients to Wash Their Hands 

This one is important. Experts recommend you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds several times a day, if not more. A simple hand wash with soap and water can actually kill the Coronavirus germ and prevent its spreading. You should wash your hands before a service, during the service and after a service. While this may be thought of as excessive, it's better to be safe than sorry! You can also wear gloves, but these should be discarded after each service. Additionally, while hand sanitizer does work well, regular hand soap is actually slightly superior, according to Forbes

2. Wipe Down Your Work Station

Use antibacterial wipes to sanitize your work station. This goes beyond just the table surface, but includes underneath the table, the top of your Kupa MANIPro Glo, your Passport E-file, top coat caps, and any other surface you repeatedly touch. This includes your phone! 


3. Dispose of All Necessary Products 

Any single use products should always, under all circumstances, be thrown away after one use. Each client should receive their own disposable file, for example. Additionally, make sure to regularly empty the trash can to ensure to rid the area of germs. 

There is tons of more info in our YouTube below, so watch the full thing to make sure you are as education as possible! 

What are your best sanitation practices? Comment below and stay safe!

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  • Kamara Harris

    Place a towel on your lap during any service. This prevents any filings or clippings from touching your clothes.

    Nail Technician at BJ Grand Salon (West) in Springfield IL

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