5 Awesome Tips for Applying Nail Forms

If you are new to nail forms, you may have questions about how to apply them. While they can be tricky at first, many nail techs actually prefer them because they are very strong in their structure, and they can appear more natural. Luckily, Kupa Educator Mie recently demoed how to apply nail forms, and she has some really helpful advice.

Here are some of her tips!

If someone has a deeper C-Curve, you can cut the form along the nail base to make it fit. It's helpful to use the Kupa Nail Scissors because the nail has a natural curve.

You can customize the C-Curve depending on the client.

When you close the tab of the nail form onto the client's finger, make sure the tabs align as perfectly as possible when sticking them together.

Make sure the client washes their hands before applying nail forms. It's also recommended to use the Kupa Arid Blue Sanitizer. Not only will this sanitize their hands, but it will help the form to stick on better!

Align the form with the natural line of the finger. 

There are so many more useful tips from Mie Kitabayashi. Watch the full Form Application Tips video below! 



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