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Have you purchased extended warranty?
For your protection, please read the following terms and conditions regarding the limited warranty for your Electric Filing Machine.

Limited Warranty
  1. Warranty covers manufacturer defects only.
  2. Warranty period is one year from date of purchase.
  3. All warranty claims must be accompanied by a dated receipt for proof of purchase.

The following conditions void warranty
  1. Using oil or grease on handpiece or control box.
  2. Any person other than an authorized factory trained technician servicing or disassembling handpiece or control box.
  3. Dropping or excessive shock to handpiece or control box.
  4. Immersing handpiece or control box in any type of sterilizing or cleaning solution.
  5. Inserting bent or damaged bits into the handpiece (Running the handpiece with a damaged bit will cause excessive wear to the bearings)

Care and Maintenance
  1. Clean and dry all bits before inserting into the handpiece.
  2. Turn power switch to the off position when it is not in use.

This electric filing system is designed for use in the application of artificial nail extension products. It’s use is recommended for licensed, professionally trained nail technicians only!

All other uses or application of this product are not recommended and will void all manufacturer’s warranties.