Star Educators
Meet KUPA’s Star Educators
Welcome the newest member of the KUPA Star Educator Team, Yire Castillo.
At the age of 21, with influences early in life to become an artist, Yire has been drawn to the nail industry which opens a wider field to show his passion for the arts. With a background in watercolors, sketching, cartooning, color theory, design and photography, his mentors say he paints from the heart. With the dream of making a big statement on the nail world by mixing his love for painting and fashion, the newest member of the KUPA team will showcase his talents at trade shows, competitions, classes and demonstrations.
Yire’s Art Works:
Ann Chang is 12 year veteran in nail industry. Her artistry and style in acrylic nail design have made her a success in her salon business as well as in the educational field. She is an expert in electric file, 3-D nail art design, and sculpture technique.

Ann's artistic abilities to create stunning nail designs were recently featured in NailPro magazine and will be seen again in the incoming winter issue of VietSalon magazine.

Her educational work of Kupa gives her the opportunity to share her talents with nail technicians over the U.S. You will be able to see Ann's technical skills and creativity at upcoming trade shows.
Ann’s Art works: