Foundation Kit
Manufacturer: KUPA Inc.
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Divinity Foundation Kit - This is the perfect foundation kit for taking your state board tests!


* Divinity Clear Powder (0.5oz)
* Divinity White Powder (0.5oz)
* Divinity Pink Powder (0.5oz)
* Divinity Natural Powder (0.5oz)
* Divinity Structure Traditional Liquid (2oz)
* Divinity Structure Odorless Liquid (2oz)
* Peace Nail Prep (0.5oz)
* Love Nail Acidless Primer (0.5oz)
* Harmony Cuticle Oil (0.5oz)
* Glaze Topcoat (0.5oz)
* #8 Acrylic Sculpting Student Brush (Black handle)
* Infinity Forms ( 10 pieces )
* Shaper Buffer file
* Dappen Dish
* Divnity Pink & White Demo DVD


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